About us 

No one can replace a mom! Sharing her role is near impossible. Throw those expectations out of the way. It’s tough, we wish gender equality, we share home chores, we both support our family financially! But how much ever you try mom and dad roles are incomparable. God’s design! What was he thinking? Why did he do this? PMSing, pregnancy, symptoms, food restrictions, doctor visits, hospitalized, labor, surgery, sleeplessness, mom without a manual, learning by yourself all the way! 
We were married 3 years ago. We love traveling, shopping and hanging out with friends. We moved in together becoming a family of 3. The reason for all my laughter and happiness is watching her grow. Our 6 month baby is growing fast. Dad is busy working and traveling on work. So I’m enjoying at my parents place on a extended vacation and blessed with lots of help.

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