The hospital scene – Delivery and everything you need to know

Typically the last month of prenatal doctor visits will tell you if you’d be in for a normal delivery or a planned c-section. But those aren’t the only things that could happen. There are emergency c-sections, pre-term deliveries, etc.

Despite that, you would be excited about packing your bag to the hospital. Yes all over the net, you read about packing your bags a month ahead. But here I was not much excited at all. And therefore packed it up the last moment. Just before the d-day. Yes it was a planned c section.

The inside of your hospital bag

1. A pair of bathroom/ bedroom slippers. Socks are provided by the hospital. Slippers are useful when you want to take a stroll outside your room.

2. A baby outfit for the day you leave the hospital. Clothes provided during the stay.

3. A outfit for yourself. Remember you’d still look 5 month pregnant. So pick an outfit that would fit you. The hospital gown is provided during the stay there. But it’s a bit sexy. So you may want to carry your own one that would be convenient to breastfeed.

4. A little makeup kit for self. Comb, hair accessories, and whatever you like to have when you step out of the hospital with ur baby for the picture. Tip- you sure want to look and feel great heading home. Also if you choose have pictures professionally taken at the hospital.

5. Toiletries for self.

6. Outfits, toiletries, food, and everything for your partner. The hospital doesn’t provide anything for them. Although you could buy food from the hospital cafe. Tip- order in the name of the patient and share it. But it wouldn’t be enough for all. So better get buy or bring some food.

A long day awaited ahead. Eight hours of fasting. No water was allowed as well.

The hospital scene

Set my alarm at 7, to eat by 8 and start fasting till 4… but as usual woke up much earlier – 3:50 am. Rolled in bed for a while. Thinking about my big day. You know what was running in my mind all along? Not was I prepared for the evening, like people asked me! But how was I gonna fast for 8 hours after all these days of always staying hydrated and eating super well.

2:30 we were at the hospital, parked the car in the assigned parking garage, took our bags, went up to the 6th floor where the child birth center is. We had already pre registered. We waited for my name to be called. Sat waiting in the lobby. Then in a while we were called in- went to a room in the labor & delivery section. Then the nurse started with asking me to change clothes to the hospital gown. Then setting me up with the 2 belts – one to measure my contractions and the other to monitor baby’s heart rate. Then she was setting up the iv- drips. Put some tags on the other hand. My mom, sister and hubby sat around. All tensed up. I was joking and chilling there on the bed. Then the nurse continued with a series of questions as she filled in a form on her computer. Lots of paperwork you know. Then after 4 my ob doc came. She reassured everything will be fine. She asked us – if we wanted to do an last ultrasound to check baby’s position. Hubby & me were by then ready to see our little one. With all the set up around- wires, bed, drops, forms etc. and of course not to forget as the belts were put on and monitored. Baby moved her head from right top to center top to left top and back to right top. Never had I left so much movement. We were excited and so was our bumblebee. So around 415 me and the hubby headed to the OR- operation room. He was dressed up too in hospital wear by then. First wore it over his tee. Then he was asked to remove his tee and tank. Tank he removed it hesitantly .. lol! He was asked so he can give skin to skin once baby is born. And coz I would be in operation not readily available for an immediate skin to skin.

We headed to the OR- again things we getting ready for the operation. It was a much brighter room. Bright white lights. More nurses around. Some computers on one side. In the center a narrow bed with room for two hands to rest on either side. My was made to climb the high bed. It was time for epidural. The nurses told me the instructions- and then I started panicking- they had to inject into my spinal cord and I shouldn’t move out of reflex. They tried my reflexes with some chill water to start with. Once I moved and then twice & thrice I controlled. But yes that was water or some chill gel. Next was injection- one nurse supported me in front and an other stood behind to inject. They were all supportive. My heart beat shot up and I started trembling, shivering… now completely scared. The nurse in front patted me and held me to cool down. And they said to keep an hunch back. I hunched and then held her arm quite firmly. She said I could hold on. And then bit my teeth and control my reflexes and was ready for the epidural. I was fine. Then they laid me down , set up things around- waited for me to become all numb. Tested it. Seems i didn’t feel anything below my chest. Finally a curtain was put before my face. My doc was in, she said not to look up at the operation table lights either. Just in case not to catch the reflection of the operation. The hubby sat on my side. My blood pressure was constantly monitored. The cesarean operation was quickly proceeded. The nurse told me the incision was made, and then I continued to ask her what was happening there. She kept peeking the other side as she told me what was happening there. I could feel just nothing. At some point I could even feel my legs floating in the air.. lol .. the nurse reassured me that it was on the bed.. he he … Tvisha was born sharp 4:55 pm.

She was taken to be cleaned… I tried my best to catch a look of her. Saw her side view. Couldn’t catch a look of her face. Then she was skin to skin with the hubby… and finally she was placed beside me… I could hardly hold her, my hands all busy in the wires monitoring something or the other. And half my body all numb. I guess I was getting stitched up meanwhile.

My adorable Tvisha was out!!! And we were ready to go back the room, where mom and sis were waiting.

From there was moved to the mom and baby room…

Was my fasting over ?! No it wasn’t … I was then given ice cubes… and then said night I can have some crackers. Craving for food all day… when the time came and gobbled all the crackers on the table… and lol in no time they didn’t really work well for me… threw up… again I was on ice cubes and was said to wait till 2 am for crackers… this time took it slowly… 1 cracker per 30 mins … by the next day morning I was fine- had a good whole breakfast. And every hour or half… nurses walked in to check in on me / baby… checking some basic vitals … and I had a bedside phone to call them anytime … nights the hubby accompanied me and Tvisha … as we learnt our way into parenthood…. day time – he went home to catch up his lost sleep and prepare himself for the next night … while mom and sis were at the hospital room… playing and helping in with Tvisha … as I could also take some rest… but was too overwhelmed to be tired … lol! Slowly I started getting my feet off the bed and to start walking… and the recovery continues…

The nurses at the hospital were so helpful throughout day and nights stay at the hospital. Every few hours a nurse and one technician were assigned. They kept coming and checking in on me and baby every 30 mins. I learned new things from every nurse. One of them helped me a lot in turning in bed. And all the others gave me great tips feeding baby. Every few hours there were nurses coming in to check my basic vitals, give me pills as per my need. Also they checked in to see baby and her basic vitals. On certain occasions they even cleaned up and changed her diaper. Swaddled her and rocked her to sleep. While me and B were exhausted. I had a bed side phone for times of emergency. So sometimes called in for my nurses and sometimes if she was busy , other nurses would stop by to help in. Everyone were very kind and helping. They all gave out really great tricks for feeding baby, making her sleeping, making me comfortable. I even wished I could stay longer there with their care. The max we could do was instead of checking our morning 11 am, we made it 5 pm.

Home for recovery.

Next day Christmas. Took rest.

Enjoying motherhood !

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