Baby #2 – Ready to repeat or once and for all done?!

My uncle and I had a talk on having a second kid. And the conversation went as such:

I – no way.. the next thing on mind is getting myself a job

Him- why do you worry, Amazon feeds you (my hubby works for Amazon) you can enjoy life!

I – lol 😂 hello CEO of Zivoke, look who is talking! You are the CEO while he is just an employee!

Him- Ha ha

I – So senior what are your thoughts.. when are you having the second ?!

Him – Soon, planning for it!

That conversation got me thinking should have another child? Also all around – neighbors, friends and Facebook friends- baby #2 season is on. Everyday I hear someone’s gave birth to a second one or is expecting one soon.

The first one goes on like this – Planned to get pregnant. The lines turned pink in a few months. Enjoyed most of my pregnancy. Followed by an unexpected delivery. Tough post delivery period. Breastfeeding was just fine. Sleepless nights still continues. I’m so done with this night duty. The thoughts of weaning were freaking me out on how I would do it. Luckily that was quick. More about it soon to come.

There’s still a long way of struggles, parenting! I am not sure I wanna repeat all these!

The thought of a second one freaks me out for the following reasons

1. The extra pounds of weight I have put on. Pregnancy weight gain wasn’t much, but thereafter during the breastfeeding months- I grew more and more hungrier and I sit here today binge eating. It’s a tough habit to change. And yes, there’s absolutely no time to exercise with a kid at solely your responsibility.

2. Little to no help from dad. No changes to his life. Why are there only mom instincts? And not dad instincts. Dad’s just play a role worst than a robot- tell them and they will give it a try. Oh gosh- the diaper changing. This new dad uses gloves to change a diaper. And there lies the baby waiting and wheeling forever.

3. Even simple daily things have become tedious. Say for example – a ride to the nearby supermarket. I dress up, dress up the little one, my jacket, socks and shoes on, then her jacket, socks and shoes on (ohh and those tiny shoes take forever to put on), carry that diaper bag (making sure all essentials are in- including getting milk warmed up), carry her down to the car, put her in the car seat, buckle her up, and drive. At the destination again all repeat in opposite order!

4. What’s Me time?! I have to set up everything around before I can even thinking of stepping out for even a few hours.

5. Life with my alcohol 🍷 is changed forever. Have to be alert even in the middle of the night! No holidays !

Sibling love is the only reason for which you could sacrifice everything once again for a second round. Here are some super cute moments I observed between my then 11 month girl and my uncle’s 3 year old boy.

Instance 1-

At first he was possessive. While everyone gathered around baby girl. He pulled one Aunt and said stay back. Let’s play here. Ha ha. All at once all the attention had moved from him to her.

Then it was those days my baby didn’t start to walk. She used crawl actively all around. My uncle’s son walked straight to her and said “get up, walk, let’s play”, while he grabbed her hand. Ha ha.

Uncle to his son- hey she can’t walk yet!

Relatives around reaction was “oh 3 years makes so much difference”, “the kids can’t play together”

Instance 2-

My mom was spoon feeding my baby a bowl of biscuits soaked in milk. The little boy came by and pulled the bowl saying I will feed her.

Wow I must say he did a wonderful job. He sat and fed her. On a funny note- he said “come on baby, take this last bite”. Ha ha.

All relatives around immediately exclaimed “oh he is ready to become big brother”.

Instance 3-

He started playing with her toys

His grandma- they are her toys. Keep them all back.

Boy- she is sleeping. I will play with them till she s back.

Relatives enjoying the conversation.

After a while, baby girl woke up.

Relatives- now ask him about her toys and his deal.

Grandma- no way. He won’t listen. Anyway let me try. Hey see she’s back. Go keep the toys back.

Boy promptly kept back the toys.

*Wow moment*

The three year old boy was indeed obedient and helping in nature. He played all by himself. He did have everything that was required to be a big bro.

There are things I enjoy as a mom and I’m happy with the same.

1. The hospital stay was unexpectedly overwhelming that I requested to stay longer.

2. I truly enjoy celebrating my little ones monthly birthdays, writing blogs on them and all the little joys in it.

3. I cherish every time she hugged and kissed me.

4. I admire her every time she was fast asleep.

5. I love to see her gracefully reach her milestones.

She is truly my world!

Anything could change about the thoughts of Baby #2. Anyways temporary birth control is in place. So definitely won’t have surprises on the same. Follow my blogs on Whiny Mommy for more Mom / parenting talks! Thanks for readying. Let me know your thoughts. Do they match with mine? Or why not?

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