Pregnancy & Party – Baby-moons -Vancouver, Canada

Sunday afternoon started driving to the Vancouver, Canada! Just 2.5 hours away. Drove to 7-11 and then to the apartment/ hotel. Click here for the key story/ Airbnb experience.

Monday morning started out. And oh shit! Didn’t find our car. It was towed away. Caught a cab, and got the car back, while mom was waiting in the apartment lobby with the bags.

Then we started out to Canada Place. It’s a place in the heart of downtown. A harbor. Clicked a couple of pics. Walked around.

Then we drove to Stanley park. Drove around the huge park. Saw beautiful views of downtown, waterfront, harbor and ships.

Then to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s a pretty small city-Vancouver. Drive anywhere within 15 mins. But parking- a trouble. All short durations. Searching for Canadian dollar coins to drop in the pay stations. The suspension bridge was great and there were lots of bridges connecting tree tops. A big forest with lot of bridges. We were walking high from the ground. The suspension bridge swang a lot with the weight of people walking cross it.

Then evening we drove to see the next Airbnb accommodation. That didn’t fit well. Canceled it. Went to McDonalds close by. Sat and booked another better hotel around for the night. Then went and checked-in there. Tired after the long day.

Tuesday just had beaches left to visit. Checked out of hotel. Halted for a couple minutes by Sunset park beach on the way. Then headed to the US-Canada border. This time it was a long queue to cross the border. Only 2 out of 5 lanes were open. Lots of traffic. Took a while to cross it rather than the in-traffic entering Canada.

Drove back home. Dad dropped me home and not too late left on their drive back home. Would take another 2 days to reach back. Halting the night at a small city in Oregon. And number of other short breaks on the way back.

The hubby too busy traveling on work as usual. The house empty now. My sisters left Sunday past mid night… technically Monday! After a number of flight delays. A tired journey back home.

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