Pregnancy & Party – Baby moons – San Juan Islands

Just a week before this particular short weekend we planned for the trip. Got the cabin booked. And was prepared for a cold weather. Set our minds that would rain and we will just do the best we could accommodate in just one and half days. We just booked the cabin for a night.

Started early Saturday morning! Got the 930 am ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor- an hour ferry ride to the San Juan islands. There the ferry terminal on Friday Harbor, the cabin was just 4 min away. But our check in time was not until 2pm. Hungry were we. Looking for some Indian food- Lol. No we didn’t find any. Stopped by a Thai restaurant. Filled our tummies. Then headed to Lime kiln state park and the lighthouse there.

On the way, stopped by an overview point. There was a steep short trail there. Clicked a couple of pics. Our phones turned to roaming with Canada’s signal. We quickly turned it to airplane mode. Haha. Last month, Hubby and I saw Mexico, standing in San Diego. And now we were standing there watching Canada. Scenic roadways. An old and small lighthouse.

It was almost close to 2pm. We needed a break. Headed to the cabin. Took some rest. Then by 5pm got refreshed again, for part two of fun. Headed out to a whale museum- thinking it was free. Yup you guessed it. Again a small place with a fee. Beside it was another view point. Facing the sea- Harbor we stood.

Then pondered for a while where we could halt next. English camp it was. Foliage was everywhere. Beautiful!

Picked a restaurant for early dinner – Mexican this time. Then back to the cabin. Played some games, danced, chit chatted till our eyes shut down.

Sunday got ready early – got the 11:05 am ferry. The last one to hop on. Stopped by the outlet mall an hour away from home. Window shopped. Got home. Fell asleep. Dinner. And that was our quick weekend getaway. Oh I forgot to mention, the weather did not disappoint us at all. It was bright and sunny.

P.S- It was actually a trip with a bunch of friends whose names, activities and pictures were chose not to be disclosed. Hence written as a trip of just the two of us.

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