Pregnancy & Party – Baby-moons – Road trip to the Neighboring state- Oregon.

Early second trimester was the time morning sickness and the terrible headaches were at bay.

Finally one long weekend. He (the husband) gave us all his time. No work! No stress! A good family time with his family. 

Day 1- We started a little before noon. Packed food! And started on the road. A long drive, around three hours. Halted at Mount Saint Helens. A volcano observatory! Beautiful scenarios and landscapes! We watched a short video on the devastation that happened in 1980! And how that affected and changed the landscape of what’s today known as a national monument. 

Drove a scenic path for an hour to the Mount St. Helens. We stopped at a picnic spot for lunch and many more view points.

Then drove out another hour out of the mount region plus a hour to reach the hotel in Portland! 

Day 2- Started our day at Starbucks with coffee and snack sized breakfast! 

Then debated our plan – either to wait and have lunch before we hit the road for a 40 minute drive to the Bridal Veil Falls, or to start off to the falls and find something on the way. While I wasn’t sure of what we would find on the way, we wandered around downtown. Right then was a gloomy weather with light showers. Still wondering what to do! We stopped by downtown pioneer square. Clicked a few pictures. 

Ah! Plan was made- Chinese to go! Picked up some Chinese food and drove to the falls. It was a short trek of less than a mile, but strep and narrow for the parents. A beautiful falls in the end! 

Then drove out, by chance found a scenic location called Vista House. Before stopping there, quickly stopped to fill our tummies. 

On the return to the hotel, again stopped by downtown Portland, a mall, I wanted to do some shopping, not to forget it’s a tax free state! 

Day 3- July 4th – Independence Day! 

Me on a shopping spree. 

Back home! Tired even after such a relaxed vacation! 

One thought on “Pregnancy & Party – Baby-moons – Road trip to the Neighboring state- Oregon.

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