Pregnancy & Party – Baby-moons – California

One Monday morning – the house empty! Just me left behind. Aunty, uncle and my husband were off to LA. Goodbyes and miss you’s. And I left for work. 

Wednesday night- my flight was to be at 9:30pm and reach 12. Early evening around 3:30 pm emails poured in calling in for delays – 10:15 pm and then 10:30 pm and to reach post 1 am. I informed the hubby about it. And he suggested to call the airlines and push the flight timings to Thursday morning. I was okay. A better plan ‘Coz he could exchange his rental car and it wouldn’t disturb our sleeps. 

Thursday morning – 7:30 am I called the cab guy- lyft. And reached early for my flight that was actually 9:30 am but delayed to almost 11 am. Reached 1:30 pm. Met hubby and his parents. 

Oh! I forgot to mention! This is my first time traveling hands- free! Believe me! Just phone and boarding pass ticket on me. (My phone case stores my purse ingredients -id and credit cards and I dropped my house key into it too.

So then we went to the car rentals – hertz! The husband went in to do all the procedures to get the car- he was missing for a while. Meanwhile I ate some food, Aunty packed for me. Then we got the car. And started driving to SAN DIEGO! 

H (hubby) and W (wify/ me)

H- hey put the address

W- GPS isn’t showing the route to i -1 –pacific highway. Take the pacific highway. We need to get the awesome view. 

H- Mind voice – wondering how to get on there. Meanwhile some traffic on highway I – 405 south.  

W- we must get on that highway somehow. I don’t know how to set the GPS that way! Lol 

H- figured it out. He skipped the toll part and reached the pacific highway. 

W- hooray! We hopped on the highway! Beautiful roadway. Pacific Ocean view! 

H- we stopping next on Laguna beach! 

W- (distracted) this street looks wowwwww…. Lots of shops , palm trees and other nature! So beautiful. I missed clicking a picture. 

H- you want to go to beach or not?

W- I want both. Stop here. I need a picture of that tree- it had beautiful bunches of red flowers. 

Anyways, there was no parking space. We went to Laguna beach. H and I dipped our feet into the Pacific Ocean. 

Next stopped by another beach on the way- Aliso beach. 

7 pm reached hotel at San Diego after a short stop at Starbucks. Next dinner and then bed. 

Friday- 10 am started out to SeaWorld. SeaWorld is open from 10 to 5 pm. Time spent perfectly – eating, watching shows, uncle and H went on a roller coast ride with a water slide, we went on a sky tower ride that shows 360 degrees on the park, walked a lot, visited a lot of aquariums, again uncle and H witnessed a 4-D movie to the arctic on a flight, lots of fun, videos and pictures. But nothing like visiting the place directly. Awesome time we had. 

Out of SeaWorld, we headed to Coronado Bridge and beach. Right in time to see sunset. And all of us dipped our feet in the Pacific Ocean there. Saw the Mexico border from a distance. 

Saturday – 10:30 am started back to Los   Angeles. Drove back a straight stretch. So hot, so tired after the tiresome Friday program. Reached an Indian restaurant for lunch. 

From there pondered if we shall go the room- rest for a while or just tour around  and get back. 

Next it was Griffith observatory and the Hollywood sign. An hour drive. 

Then again pondered – beverly hills or universal studios (just from outside- not buying tickets) or Santa Monica beach or some random actors houses. Lol. 

Next it was walk of fame. Just drove across the streets. 

Eyes half open. I said lets get back. Aunty and uncle told H pity W. See her eyes. So we started back. One hour again to reach hotel. On the way back, Randy’s donut shop randomly caught my eyes on the map. I in exclamation said lets stop there. It’s on the way. 

6 pm were in hotel. Wrapped up like a burrito. 

Sunday- no one would call this Sunday. 3 am we were all awake. And 4 am at airport for 6 am flight.

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