Pregnancy & Party – Maternity photoshoot

36th week pregnant, I wished for a maternity photoshoot. My baby bump was at its maximum. And I didn't want to wait any longer. I could probably get more tired and also the winter was in. It was getting colder and was the best time in hand to have a photoshoot. 

My girlfriends were as usual enthusiastic of it. One friend showed interest into helping me choose outfits. I took her help to choose outfits from my wardrobe. Didn't really spend to buy a new one. But I did buy a bunch of maternity clothes during Black Friday. 

I planned to pick 2 outfits for the photoshoot. But we ended up picking 4. All leggings and tops and cardigans and 1 party dress. Then I quickly found outfits that would match the color palette for my little one. Though she wasn't out, had some plan to hold the dresses as props in some pics. My husband was left to choose his.

Meanwhile, I was searching for ideas on outfits selection on Pinterest. The tips and ideas I found there said not to do complete matching outfits for mom and dad to be's. Instead to contrast it and have a color palette to choose from and stick to a couple of colors. 

I requested one of our friends to click pictures for us. He owns a DSLR camera. 

So I started looking out for ideas for outfits and poses ideas from a week or two before.

Next I had a plan of props I could possibly use. For example: Ultrasound pic, Black board with wordings in chalk.

The evening before the photoshoot day! Our friend with the camera, came over to discuss more and make a more organized plan. 

He started with a paper and pen. And drew out a chart. Time to start! Outfit 1 – list of locations and poses and similarly for other outfits. 

I let him choose the locations. Still listed out a couple of ideas and let the final choice with him.

Locations we chose were parks with waterfront, downtown locations and library.

That was the plan. Next the actual photoshoot day.

After our friend came over to put the chart and added his enthusiasm into the project. It triggered my husband to get out and do some shopping. Lol! The time was 15 mins to closing. With 10 mins when we reached, we chose one sweater for him. 

Next day 11 am we got ready. Friend with the camera had reached the location. Downtown park! I dressed in my blue dress and My husband in formal wear shirt and the new sweater on top. I carried a couple of props with me. A chalk board with some wordings welcoming my baby. Soon we too reached the location. Me super excited!!! Though it was freezing cold. I hardly bothered about it and left jacket in the car. We reached the park. Clicked various pictures. There were row of trees, ducks, greenery, stairs, benches, etc. we made use of all of the beautiful views of backgrounds and different poses with the props I had! We were there till close to 12:30. It was very cold. My eyes were watering. Despite it, I stood there in a short dress, least bothered of the weather. All my concentration on the photography. "Anything for a good picture" ha ha 

Took a lunch break and planned next to catch up at nearby park- the park had a small waterfront, a kid's play area and of course grasslands. 

After downtown photoshoot, the moment I got into the car was when I realized where I was standing all along. OMG how damn cold it was outside. My fingers were numb. I could hardly feel anything. My husband went on saying oh enough let's go home. But I didn't bother about it. Now I knew the reality. 

We were planning couple more locations and couple more outfits. Everything went down to one more outfit and may be whatever locations in the same outfit. 

At nearby park- we clicked a bunch of pictures. I wore a top and legging. And decorated the top with a belt made of ribbon. As we started clicking, we said let's finish here. Well we were all way too tired. 

Then there was still one location left- the downtown library. I had a couple of books with me to return there. (I picked them up 2 days back) 

Highly tired. But the library pictures came out the best. 

A total of 5 hours. We were outside in the cold for photos. A week later got the pictures and they were awesome !!!

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