Pregnancy & Party – Baby showers at work places (mine and his)

Surprise Baby shower by work friends
Around 26 weeks

We were a group of 6 ladies, where I and another one were pregnant and the rest all had 2 bigger kids each. All kids in school- some elementary, a pair of twins in high school and others in between. 4 of us used to meet up regularly for lunch. 

One day, one of the 2 who we hardly meet, invited all of us for lunch to her home. A week later or so, for once we all gathered up and headed out to her home in two cars. The dress code was pink, red or maroon. Getting off at her place, all but I and the other preggo friend, had brought something along in bags and boxes. Still I didn't smell anything fishy! 

The other preggo girl was asking why didn't you tell me, I too would have brought something. 

Minutes later, we walked in! And surprise! 

A wall in the hall decorated in pink! Yes, both of us are having girl babies! And they arranged a yummy lunch! Cake cutting! And then we went back to work.. sleepy… 

They gifted us each a dress for the yet to be born babies. And a greeting card signed by all. I and my preggo friend later exchanged and signed each other's as well.

Sadly and super coincidentally- that was my last day at work, with a 30 min notice.

An unexpected last day ended well!! 

The dress gifted by work friends

Next Baby shower at the husband's workplace
Almost week 37

We were invited to his workplace. It was in the evening. We got dressed up. Went on time. Got visitors badge. 

They were still setting up things in a conference room. Met his colleagues on the way. The table was arranged with cupcakes, snacks- pretzels, fruits, veggies, crackers. On one side of the room, was arranged some water bottles, wine and beer bottles. 

We chit chatted a while. All standing around. I couldn't stand too long, made my way to pull up a chair and give in rest to my legs. 

The team gave us a gift card and a greeting card. They also packed the remaining cup cakes and a flower pot. 

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