Pregnancy & Party – scan & gender reveal party

20 weeks pregnant – At the hospital for the long hour scan. Full check of baby. I was lying there like I was lying in the beach. Nice stomach massage. As she did the scan head to toe. And quietly without intimating us the doctor took the scan of the gender. So all of us were looking at the scan. But didn't notice anything.

Everyone around me were new to this type of celebration. I was explaining to all around over and over again. And soon everyone shared my curiosity and excitement. 

So yes let me tell you to the steps to a gender reveal party. 

Step 1- go for the scan, and just before starting let the doctor know you have planned a party and want the gender to be suspense. 

Step 2- get the gender scan/ slip sealed in envelope. 

Step 3- go to the bakery, order your custom gender reveal cake. Give the sealed envelope to them and explain you don't want to know yourself. In my case they took the envelope too and said they will check it, make the cake and then seal back the envelope while they return it back when I go back to pick up my cake.

Ordered an chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream filling dyed either pink or blue and vanilla butter cream on the top to cover the cake. 

Step 4- on the D-day, pick up the cake and during the party, cut the cake and reveal the gender based on the filling color on the inside either pink or blue. 
2 days later- Gender reveal party
Friday was my scan day and Sunday was the party. Saturday in between, was I curious? Nope- everyone around me was super curious. They just couldn't wait for the answer, amongst all those myths running around. Friends had different thoughts and guesses.

So as the plan, I got the reveal in a sealed envelope. Directly from the hospital headed to the bakery. Gave the order. A customized cake required 24 hours. So Sunday had the party by the pool side. Planned for a simple one. Ordered pop and pizza. One hour before party, I went to pick the cake.

Every second was updating my friends. They had so many doubts at every step on the way.

Won't I be tempted to see the cake? Open the envelope? What if the bakery guy makes a mistake? Could there be a different color at an other side of the cake? Could I go and get the cake instead of you? Please give us the envelope!

Finally the time arrived. Opened the cake box.

Still people didn't get the concept and idea. "Oh the color isn't on top"

Then we cut the cake, pink !!

We had a good party! Immediately called and told my family. Other friends too were pinging.

Excited we're we all!!!!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉

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