Visiting the Gynecologist

What was I thinking?! Would I have twins? Oh God what's this headache? How often would I need to visit the doctor? Hope I could continue with the gummies rather than vitamin pills! Would I get a number to call the nurse/ doctor in case of any issues? What else questions should I ask?

First appointment- first scan

I had scheduled an appointment with this doctor. She was a well experienced doctor with an Asian background (Vietnamese). My husband had taken a day off. We drove over to the clinic. It was 15 minutes away from home. It wasn't tough finding the place. A bunch of buildings with offices situated behind a children's hospital. The women's hospital was also on the same road as the clinic. Probably 5-7 minutes away. So in case of emergency we could expect the doctor to be there soon. There were two other doctors in the same clinic office as mine. We parked our car right before the building and walked into the clinic. In the lobby was a water dispenser in one corner. A small table with puzzles, books, and activities (like locks) was there for kids. A center table possessed a bunch of magazines on pregnancy and mother care. There was a couple packets for new moms.

Passed the lobby was the reception. My husband and I walked up to the window and I said I had a meeting with so-and-so doctors and my name was… She noted it and gave me some paperwork to fill in. Once I turned in the paperwork, she asked me to wait. My husband and I were chatting. There were a few others in the lobby seated before us. Soon my doctor's nurse came and called out my name. She welcomed us both inside.

Around the receptionists room were clinic rooms. She had my husband seated in the second room on the left wing. And let me leave my stuff in the same room. I left behind my jacket, handbag and phone. And followed my nurse. She was a tall, elderly, lean and a friendly person. She asked me to step on the weighing scales. It was an old machine with weights, like one on a physical balance. The nurse pushed weights and balanced the rods to measure my weight precisely. I wondered why they didn't use a conventional weighting machine. On the way, she introduced herself and asked me a couple of basic questions- If it was a first kid. Was I having any symptoms, etc. Next she asked me to use the lo. Showing me the collection box and that I had to write my name over the label and place in a certain location in the restroom. Then we were asked to wait for the doctor. And the nurse left after she took my blood sample, blood pressure and checked my pulse. She closed the door behind her. There was a big poster behind the door about stages on pregnancy. The size and position of baby in the womb. We even ran out of topic to talk about as we waited for the doctor. I was seated on the bed and my husband on the chair.

Finally the doctor knocked the door and stepped in. She was a short but dressed well doctor. She stepped in, 'Hi', 'Hello'. A fast introduction. She went over all her ways and how the clinic works, and almost everything that was on my mind. I had absolutely nothing to ask about but for the headache that started the previous night. She told me what medicines I could use if it was unbearable and what medicines to avoid since I am pregnant. She had a circular rotatable chart, that she used to calculate my due date. The nurse soon came in, and gave in all the vitals she measured. She noted everything onto one file. She gave us some pamphlets on Zika virus and about traveling abroad. Then she asked me to partly undress and wrap up with a big roll of tissue paper as she stepped out. And was back after we again chatted for a while. Soon she had the nurse bring in a huge ultrasound machine. Since it was early into pregnancy, she said she wound check my baby vaginally. I was lying there uncomfortably. And my husband squeezed at the back end of the bed. As the machine was pulled in. The doctor started it up, keyed in my basic information. And then they turned off the lights. Before which she asked me if I wish to have twins. I said yes. She followed by asking if I had any history of it running in the family. Yes indeed it was my mom. Though her twin didn't survive in the village due to lack of medical advancements. Lights off. My husband asked if he could click pictures and videos if it. The doctor agreed. I had to look above my head to see the screen. And soon there my baby was- tiny. And we could see and hear the heartbeat. My husband was amazed. Wow we can hear the heartbeat' he exclaimed. It was one little one in me. On the way out, she asked me to set the next appointment with the receptionist. And said her nurse would call me with the results of the urine and blood tests.

We finally left home with lots of information. The next day, the nurse called up with a lot more information. She gave me a prescription too which she said it would be faxed over to my preferred pharmacy. I had UTI. Also I was found to be anemic and had to take iron pills. In a week the antibiotics were done. Iron pills had to be continued further. Soon I felt I vomited every time after having the iron pill. I called the nurse. And she said she would consult the doctor and get back. She later got back saying to stop the pills. Happy was I. I hate pills.

Soon other symptoms popped in. Morning sickness, terribly wrongly named. It's sickness anytime of the day. But I did say I was lucky didn't have much. I noticed foods and things that triggered the vomiting. So I altered / changed them from my day. Thus making it almost nil. Like for example I would vomit if I had water the first thing in the morning, So I avoided that. Headaches was my complaint. Terrible. I couldn't concentrate at work. It was tough. 24/7 a constant headache lived with me.

Second appointment- the norm

A week later was my second appointment. This time my husband was MIA. How lucky they don't have anything to do once the lines turn pink.

This visit my doctor got me samples of a different iron pill which Was fused with other vitamins. This worked. Everyday a pill. It was a small green pill.

This time a shorter visit. The symptom continued. I even called up in between to talk about them. Headaches! It was my biggest complaint. I just couldn't find a relief from it. Had a couple of other little discomforts as well- abdominal pains and backaches. 

Thereon this was the norm. I would come for my appointment. Let the receptionist know I am here. She would let my nurse know. It would take some time for my nurse to step by. Meanwhile I would Always forget I would need to pee. Then quickly gulp down a cup or two of cold water. And wait there in the lobby. Soon the nurse would call me in. I would drop my stuff in the room allocated. Get off my shoes, get on the weighing scales. Ask her if it looks fine. Then head to pee and leave my sample behind. Head back to the room and sit there and wait for my doctor. The doctor would come in a while and check my vitals. Clarify my questions. And that's about all.

They would check if there was a gradual increase in my weight. If my blood pressure and pulse was in check. If I was taking my multivitamins and iron pills regularly. Some visits they would take my blood sample. And it would take a day to get back with the results. Urine sample results would be discussed the next appointment.

And every visit I would hear my baby's heartbeat. Yes hear not see. I would lay down on the bed. The doctor would squeeze out a chill gel out of a tube onto my belly. And move a device over it. And we could hear the heartbeat. I would describe that as a train sounds.

Babies heartbeats are double an adults.

Third appointment- book 20th week visit to hospital

Another month later, all symptoms gone. The doctor had me to fix a scan date with the hospital. I went home and called the hospital to schedule my appointment. Booked the 20th week (mid way scan). 

20th week appointment @ hospital- Gender reveal

I was asked to drink a lot of water before I arrived at the hospital and also not to pee. I was at the hospital along with my husband and my in laws. We checked in. Again waited at the lobby till they called us in. When I stepped in, told the doctor there that I was planning a gender reveal party and would like to have the gender written and sealed in an envelope. Then we all walked into the small room. There was 2 chairs on the side beside the patient bed, and a computer / ultrasound machine. I laid down. They turned the lights off. This time photos and videos were not allowed. The doctor put the gel over my bump. Turned the lights off and she ran the stick over my bump as we could see the baby on the monitor. She showed every part of the baby from head to toe and from brain to kidney. I could see the legs, hands, face, heart. Everything beyond that was tough to figure out. She showed the eyes, nose, and every detail. As we left the room, the doctor asked us to wait to collect the scan pics and videos.
I got the gender scan sealed and all other parts in another unsealed envelope along with a CD, which I still haven't opened.

In two days, I revealed the gender of my baby in the midst of friends. I arranged a party by the pool with pizza, pop and a cake revealing it is a GIRL!

Fourth appointment- Followed by dentist check ups!

I had this sudden tooth ache in my the way. The super wrong timing. My gynecologist directed me to visit a dentist.
I went to the dentist and figured out I had to get one wisdom tooth extracted. In two days, had it extracted, though family and friends said 'no', 'don't get it done', 'wait for after pregnancy'. But I didn't want to deal with any pain and discomfort at an even worst time – third trimester. Dentist said it was safe to do it in the second trimester, which I agreed too.

One day I went for a general dental check up. They said I had to extract the wisdom tooth and they would protect my bump well while doing the x-ray. Also the surgeon was available that evening. They asked if I did like to have it done immediately. I thought it's better I go for it, rather than again take a day off at work. Called my husband, let him know. We codinally took the decision. I asked him to cook and pick me up after his work. Then I went for the procedure. The doctor tried to use a smaller x-ray method, but couldn't get a good picture. So I had to go to the x-ray room. They made sure they covered me well, double protected. And in an hour all was done. I called my husband, who sincerely worked for his company. Hardly accompanied me for doctor visits. He was caught up. I said never mind, I'm just 5 mins away from home. I will drive myself. Everything normal in no time. All pains gone.

Fifth visit- Glucose Tolerance Test

The last doctor appointment, my gynecologist sent me home with a bottle of a sugary drink with some instructions written on it. I had to have the drink one hour before taking a blood draw. And I should have the entire contents of the bottle in 5 mins. Plus not eating anything 3 hours prior it this. I reached 5 min early to the one hour count. Immediately informed the receptionist of my drink and I was here for the blood draw. Not much wait this time. The nurse had to blood draw right on time. She took 2-3 vials of blood. My husband accompanied this visit. Nurse called the next day morning with the results – I passed it! Meaning I had no gestational diabetes. It was a test to check my blood sugar level.

Sixth visit– a normal visit. Followed in a week was our two day birthing classes at the hospital. 

@ the hospital – Birthing classes

Birthing classes were super informative. It was two whole days of theory. And they ended it with a tour of the hospital.

There after appointments were biweekly

Seventh and either visit– nothing much. 

Ninth visit– scan for baby position

Baby scanned. she was in breech position (Head up). Doctor described it as " she happily sleeping with placenta as pillow over her head". We were given till another 2 visits to see if she would turn head down. But it didn't really happen. 

I was terribly disappointed. Normal delivery wasn't possible, unless my baby flipped to head down.

Tenth visit– I kept hope. Again scan was taken- still breech position. I cried a lot. Not realizing that I had to just be happy for having a hail and happy baby ! I spoke to friends and family. They cheered me up saying it was a simple procedure and baby should safe and sound. That's more important.

Hereafter it was weekly appointments. 

Eleventh visit– My husband accompanied this one. Had to make some major decisions. Water level was low. I was asked to drink more water. And visit in 2 days after the weekend. By this appointment, we had the D-day booked at the hospital- 22nd December. 

Twelfth visit- after the weekend task of drinking water done sincerely. Amniotic fluid level shot up from 6.5cm to a 11cm. Where 5cm was critical. In three days it was the her birthday! 

Happy Birthday Tvisha 😍

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