Letter to Dad-to-be’s from Mom-to-be’s

Dear Dad-to-be’s,

We mom-to-be’s are as new as you are. A lot of changes are happening in rapid speed. Hormonal changes, mood swings, morning sickness, terrible symptoms, and what not.

We are bearing a new life. As it is PMS is also an every month issue. What are we asking? Just support, give your shoulder and stand by.

Women are over-thinkers. Yes it’s hard to understand their overly wired heads. But what we expect isn’t much compared to the mess in our heads and bodily changes.

You can be a part of it. You must take part. There’s so many apps, websites and books. Full of information. Read, listen, talk about it. BE INVOLVED.

Yes Dad-to-be’s please take part and BE INVOLVED. You may think it’s easier said than done. But here I am, to put it out, open and clear.

1.Listen attentively to her (is that hard?) – Listen! Listen with interest! Talk! Reply! Not just ah, ok, fine, cool. But wow! Is it? Where did you get to know all that? That’s awesome. Now if your just going to use these like a robot. That’s not going to work. Women are mind readers. It has to come from the heart. Learn more.
2.Love her more than usual. She needs quality time. Don’t be afraid that you will fight. Find friendly topics. Stay near by. And spend that time talking. Your words equals to love. Master it. And you will live long and happy. Expression is the key. Don’t think you could escape long without it. Never fake it. Be real and bold.
3.Gifts / surprises– These are bonuses. Don’t think you could just replace them for the quality time. No way. That’s not going to work. But gifts are good. Can count as an expression of love and effort taken to be thinking of her. So take an effort to buy a thoughtful gift. Examples could be share a chocolate together, buy pretty maternity clothes, his and her tees for the parents-to-be (funny quotes), get a maternity photoshoot done, plan a surprise baby shower, make a surprise gender reveal party if she’s interested, plan a weekend getaway, buy her a spa massage session, baby-moon. There’s a lot of things to do.
4.Be her partner – not a helper. You are not a guest. We share lives. Cooking, cleaning, working, the baby! Everything. Don’t know to cook. Then do the dishes.
5.Massage – Give her a good massage. Her back hurts. Her legs are swelling up. Don’t squeeze her to badly or go too light. Talk. Ask. Learn. Do it. No excuses.
6.Accompany her for those doctor visits- Ask the doctor about do’s and dont’s. Ask if everything is good. Ask all doubts you have. Ask something you read about on the internet. It’s so simple. Be involved.
7.Plan and build the nursery room/ space- Together do it. Discuss ideas. Do your research.
8.Naming – Discuss names. Talk about expectations.
9.Open that door- Open the door for her- car door, front home door, restaurant, shops, everywhere. Step up forward and hold the door.
10.Walk with her– Take strolls. Go for walks. Go for shopping with her.
11.Don’t make her wait- She asks you to help her pick up something heavy. Do it immediately.
12.Mood swings – don’t run away. Don’t talk. Stay there. With her. Body language is the key now. Massage. Hug. Love. Cook. Buy something. Go for swimming. Plan something. Or just let her sleep. Let her know “everything will be fine soon”. And she’s “doing great”. She is “strong and beautiful”. And will be a “awesome mom”.
13.Connect with your baby– the baby is listening to both of you. Research says babies start learning things right from the womb. We are role models to them already. Talk to them. Hold them (the bump). Kisses. You could tell them “I am there for you” ” will keep you safe and happy” and give them a bunch of wisdom.

From the heart of all mom to be ‘s (in behalf of them all)

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