I am pregnant! What’s next? 

One early morning I couldn’t wait any longer. My husband was still asleep. I slipped out of bed. Controlled natures call. Snatched my car keys and head out the door. Drove to the closest Walgreens Pharmacy. Head directly to the back of the store and picked up the pregnancy stick. Came back to the front, to bill it. Then again quickly headed back to the restroom. The store keeper followed me. He grabbed the keys to unlock the door. Such early hours of the day it was. Nature called again. Quickly pulled open the packet. And.. Hooray.. the lines turned pink! Smiling and happy inside. Still trying to keep my excitement at bay. Woke hubby up. He was mad. But soon he smiled as I told him. We are pregnant. Lol. Then he slipped back to sleep. 

Later in the day, Our conversation was about announcement. So were we going to tell the world?! Lol No! First take that general doctor appointment and double check the news. By the end of the week, I got an appointment scheduled. Yes, the nurse confirmed it. Congratulations to us! 

Then it was time to tell each other’s parents. My parents were asking ‘are you sure?’. While his parents were waiting for the news and super excited. I then told my sister and a couple of friends. 

Note- Usually it’s advised to wait the first trimester before you’d announce the world, extended family member and put out there on social media. Since first trimester is the time you need take that extra step to be careful from miscarriages. 

A couple weeks later, I changed my Whatsapp status to “We are extending our home by two feet“. Some curious friends pinged asking what it means! Then some others got to know through my blogs. But those were when I entered second trimester. 

Some exciting ways to announce your hubby are 

1. Writing notes from baby to dad around the house. So he could see while he goes to brush or grabs his coffee. 

2. While having coffee or tea together, place a tiny glass of milk along. But some men aren’t that sharp. Lol 

3. Place the following on a table in a row- beer, breezer/ wine, milk in a shot glass. If it’s you have an older kid, you can add her/ his sippy cup. You could click a picture of the same and use to announce to others. 

4. Say ‘let’s record a video’ to wish so and so on their birthday. In case you are used to doing crazy things as such. Set up a video camera on and announce your news- we are pregnant/ there’s a bun in the oven. A friend did this and now she has his first reaction recorded. 

5. Keepsake jigsaw – Get a customized puzzle set that when put together would read ‘Guess what? You are going to be DAD’. 

6. Or get chocolate bite sized ones that read out the same. 

Exciting ways to announce family and friends: 

1. Send a message: Preheat to 40 weeks. Insert bun in the oven. Set timer to Dec 22. 

2. A picture with beer, wine, shot of milk. 

3. A picture of 2 cups of coffee and a tiny cup of coffee or milk. 

4. Wear customized tees that read mom to be and dad to be. 

5. Send parents little newborn pair of shoes. 

6. Message: Extending our home by two feet. Or Expanding our family by two feet. Additionally you can add a picture with his boots, her heels and newborn shoes. 

7. Make a video of all firsts in your life together. First place you guys met, first restaurant, first anniversary, first car, first home, first pet, etc. and finally announce first baby is on the way. Another friend did this as she said let’s watch this video. 

8. A picture with the Prego pasta sauce bottle. And add a note that reads ‘We are’ + ‘Prego’ bottle. 

9. If it’s your second child, the older one can wear a tee that reads ‘only child expiring MMM/YYYY’. 

10. A picture with ‘Bump Ahead’ sign board. 

Before you plan to announce, choose a gynecologist and schedule your first ultrasound scan. Get the green signal from her that all looks good. 

Things to consider while choosing a gynecologist: 

1. Location– The doctor, her clinic and the affiliated hospital should all by close by. Most likely you would be visiting her till the end of your delivery. The last month, you should be visiting the doctor every other week. Also the day you delivery, it should be an easy commute to the hospital. 

2. Hospital– There are two great hospitals in the city I reside. One with new doctors and latest technology. The other with experienced doctors and not the newest technology. Likewise do a good research of doctors and hospitals in your city. 

3. Reviews and references- Ask your other mom friends for references. Look online for the reviews of doctors. 

4. Health insurance– Call your insurance company to find out doctors that will accept their health insurance. 

5. Visit the doctor– See if you feel compatible with the doctor. You could ask them about birth plans, birth controls, breastfeeding, etc. or just have a general visit and by the way the my explain things, you will know if you like to continue with them. 

Next thing to do is preparing your home, friendly for your pregnancy. Which means throwing out certain items, buying some things, cultivating good eating and exercising habits, having good thoughts, talking to your baby and taking loads of rest. 

1. Alcohol– Start with giving away the alcohol. It’s a complete NO to stay in the house. But my hubby who never had alcohol, started with wine, once I couldn’t give him the company. I wonder why?! Finally before in-laws stepped in- he got them out of the fridge and out of the home. (Hope family doesn’t read this) 

2. High in mercury fishes – Either give them away or cook it and feed your hubby. In total get rid of them. 

3. Stock up the pantry– Fruits, Veggies, Crackers, and all the good stuff. 

4. Water– Always be well hydrated. Have water bottles around the home, car, work. Drink water! Lots of water. Always water. Coconut water is good too. 

5. Rearrange and update your wardrobe– Soon some clothes will become tight. Either get rid of them or put them away, like in the attic. You are not going to use them in a long time. Arrange stretchy, comfortable and season favored clothes on top. I soon grew out of all my Saree blouses. Didn’t want to alter all of them, thinking this may be temporary (now I doubt it being temporary) and I got a new golden one to match almost all my Sarees. I also soon grew out of all my jeans. Soon I had to change clothes twice or thrice in a day. I would feel uncomfortable wearing an outfit through the morning / by evening. Skirts and shorts would start feeling uncomfortable. I would start pushing them below my bump and altering them above as well. You could go shopping, buy a couple of those maternity tops/ dresses and pants. The maternity jeans are super comfortable even after delivery. I still use them. That was my Best Buy. Dresses and maxis are comfortable as well. 

6. Shoes– Get rid of those heels. Soon you have backaches without those heels. Why add in with them? Buy a soft sole slip on shoe or a slipper. For some their foot could grow up a size. 

7. Exercise – Don’t sit all day. Get up once every 30 minutes. Go for a short stroll. Or just get up and walk a bit. Go for walking. Swimming is fine as well. You did feel so light and relaxing to be in the pool even if you don’t swim. Yoga is great with some restrictions, no pressing on the tummy. 

8. Pillows– Soon you would be struggling to find that best sleeping position. Buy more pillows or a pregnancy pillow. You may need support for you back, under tummy and even between legs. Better to go low under the head and neck. Use just one pillow. Make sure your spinal cord is in alignment. Sleep on one side. Place pillows wherever you feel discomfort. Get that good sleep and maximum body rest. 

9. Medicines– Keep all those medicines handy and in reachable / accessible places. Maybe on your side table near your bed. So you could reach them right from lying in bed. Remember to have your multivitamins everyday. 

10. Surround yourself with Positivity– Good music, positive people, good thoughts, always smile, be happy. Pamper yourself. Massages. Spa. Warm Tub baths. Swimming. 

11. Regular doctor check ups– Follow your doctors instructions. Call your nurse when ever in doubt. Ask them even the silliest doubts. It’s always good to be clear about everything. And your doctor is your best bet rather than the internet. 

Let me know how you announced your pregnancy to your hubby, family and friends? Or how you’d plan to do? 

Also I would love to hear how you like to pamper yourselves throughout pregnancy? 

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