Waiting for a miracle? Pre-check and planning for Pregnancy

It was that time when we just moved in together. We drove across the states of America from the mid west all the way to the west coast. For my husband it was from the east coast. Coast to coast. Two years of wedding life flew by in a long distant relationship due to our careers. Those two years went from catching up over weekends to once in a month. Life brought us to this city far away from our friends and family. A complete new start. 

Now should I call this having a kid soon after living together or 2 years down the lane? Well that’s when we planned it. But there was one more factor that pushed us to make it happen quicker. Maybe without which we would have just had our little bundle of joy at an easier pace. Oh that factor, wondering what it could be? The couple younger to us and who got married after us… had conceived! So what do you call that? Family peer pressure! 
Nevertheless it was our choice. And thats what marked the start of our ‘Baby Project’.

If you have the privilege to plan for your miracle. Here are some exciting things to finish up before you take that step to plan. 

1. Nomnom – There are a couple of foods you need to watch out when your pregnant. Raw and unpasteurized food such as milk, cheese and meat have some potential harm to a newborn. The sushi, raw eggs, raw meats are some to name. Take that last bite for the year or two. Make a list of restaurants and dishes you want to taste before it’s too late. 

2. Adrenaline rush– Adventure sports like Ziplining, bungee jump, sky diving, skiing. Even the amusement park and water sports. Remember the rules board ‘not for pregnant women’. So before you get pregnant is the time when you as couple get experience them. After your bundle of joy arrives, you would need to look for a caretaker. 

3. Get your swim wear– Relaxing in the Hot water tub/ jacuzzi. Again remember the sign ‘Not for pregnant women’. That high heat isn’t good for the tiny one inside you. 

4. Pack your bags – Head out on those Travel Plans and vacations that include camping, casinos, clubbing. They will soon become a distant dream. Long drive and flights would be still possible but not the same. You’d be carrying more stuff from the diaper bag to the travel system. 

5. Big screen and popcorn– Movies at the theatre, you could do this through the first half of pregnancy too. But slowly it would get tough to sit for such long periods of time at a stretch. And some believe the amount of sound effects isn’t good for the baby. 

Erase those misconceptions from the movies. These aren’t true at all. You will learn the real story from your pregnancy classes. We learnt so much during those classes. Though I had been doing all the online research, I still had zero pre-knowledge before class. It was totally worth. 

So the misconceptions are below: 

1. Run to hospital as soon as pains begin. 
2. Give birth in one scream
3. Give birth directly to a 3 month baby
4. Exit the hospital with a flat tummy immediately 😜
5. And in one song the baby become a toddler 😂 

Pre- pregnancy checklist/ Things to know ahead: 

1. Have a parenting talk – Its important that the two of you are on the same page in terms of expanding your family. Things you could discuss are about sharing tasks between mom and dad to be. Would mom pursue her career post delivery? Who would take care in her absence, be it grandparents, nanny’s or daycare? How do you plan to raise the kid? What languages would teach them? How would you name the child? What would the last name be? What religion would the little one be taught? Public or private school? Finances? 

2. Dentist check up – Don’t ignore this one. Teeth get weak during pregnancy and are prone to gum diseases. I did have a dentist check up and still had a tooth ache during my pregnancy. It was due to my wisdom tooth that made no problem before hand. But yes I took the decision to go for the x-ray that everyone feared, asking me if I could bare with the pain for 4 more months. But my fear was if it would increase during the final trimester. The second trimester is said to be the baby moon phase of pregnancy meaning the risk free time. 

3. Look into that Health insurance – Check if you could upgrade your health plan with better coverage of benefits. Talk to your HR and find out if you are on the best plan. 

4. Diet and exercise – If there’s a lot of time before you plan to start the Baby Project, then it would be the best time to start a routine with healthy eating habits and exercise. But if there’s not much time, don’t bother about it. Drastic changes to diet and/ or exercise could lead to PMS going on a roll and tough to track ovulation. It is advised to continue with whatever level of activity you were used to pre-pregnancy. 

5. Folic acid intake – Start those prenatal vitamins. I love those gummies. 

6. Quit the clubbing– A good break on the drinks, smoking and stuff. Remember if your nursing you have to be away from all those for another year or so. That’s something that skips the mind until you reach there. 

7. Low on caffeine intake– coffee, tea, soda. 

8. Stop shopping – You are going to grow out of all those dresses. 

9. Calculating Ovulation cycle – Ovulation dates must be monitored over a couple of months before you could use that. Also the apps/ websites for tracking don’t really work. Everyone doesn’t work on a 28 days cycle. I personally don’t believe in it. But if your doctor advices it for you. Go ahead!

10. Don’t get the stick too early– Even before the sperm and ovum fuse, the chemical, the pregnancy hormone, hgC is released which these pregnancy sticks can detect. Remember reading ‘first to detect technology’, ‘can tell you 6 days sooner’. Yes that was the culprit in my case. So the sperm and ovum came close but decided to depart. Lol. So if you just check on it late it would just be a late period rather than a broken heart. Also you wouldn’t waste a visit for the doctor. The miscarriage, otherwise called Chemical Pregnancy will go unknown. The next month, I waited longer before I bought the stick and yes this time it was a success! The miracle happened.  

Rule of thumb
– In your 20s, wait for a year before you head to the doctor. And if in your 30s, it’s 6 months. 

Things you don’t want your pregnancy plan to relate with. These are long goals in itself. Don’t bind them with getting pregnant. Instead you could wait a definite time period and try for goals within it. But not solely on indefinite life goals. 

1. Weight goals– For many thats a distant dream. It involves a couple of years. I would say not to add that onto your pre – pregnancy plans. While getting pregnant itself is a miracle. You don’t want to add this to the struggle. Crash diets are not going to have lasting results. As much as it is good to start with a healthy weight, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on unrealistic weight goals. 

2. Job / career goals – Keep them at a reasonable limit. Again as much as keeping up your career life is, it is a miracle to have that little one.

3. Traveling a lot– You can still travel with your bump and later on with your baby. Don’t make it mandatory to visit big budget locations. If you get the chance, enjoy it. Else go with the flow. 

4. Movies – Big screens can also be watched with your bump. Plus there’s always Netflix and home theatre. Don’t make it a big deal. 

5. Buying a house– Big budget plans are all miracles. Prioritize them. You can just do everything passively. And let the best stand the chance. 

Lastly Remember miracles happen when you least expect it. So make your effort and forget the rest. Enjoy life stress free. 
Let me know what you think. Good luck if you are planning for the miracle. 

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